10 Dead Characters Returning For Future Movie Sequels

9. Dr. Grace Augustine - Avatar 2

Sigourney Weaver Avatar Sequels
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How She Died

Basketball loving xenobotanist Dr Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) was the big casualty of Avatar after the escape sequence saw her and the other avatar team member flee the RDA's captivity of them. Being the utter badass that he was Stephen Lang's villain Quaritch follows them out into the hostile Pandora atmosphere, firing his weapon and fatally hitting Augustine.

There's then an attempt to save her by using the Tree Of Souls to permanently transfer her consciousness into her avatar, but it fails and she dies.

But Wait...

Despite being dead and "with Eywa," Augustine is returning for the second, third and fourth films. After this news was announced, it was then claimed that Weaver would, in fact, be playing another character entirely, but there's just no way that's true.

Augustine will be back and there'll be some smart way of explaining it. Or one silly enough to appear smart, anyway.

Will It Be Explained?

Undoubtedly, but no matter how they choose to explain how she's beaten the Grim Reaper, the only explanation that really matters here is a quote from James Cameron from October 2010 that reveals all. Back then he told Coming Soon that "Nobody dies in a science fiction movie."

Bit of a cop out, but you can't really argue with it.

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