10 Depressing Things About Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

10. There Won't Be Any Laughs. Whatsoever.

Hitfix recently reported that Warner Bros. has issued a "no joke" mandate applying to all of its DC Cinematic Universe movies, a list of around ten currently in-development films including BvS:DoJ. At first dismissed as an outlandish rumour, fans considered the possibility that the mandate was real for a moment and then realised it was all too plausible that Warners would suggest such a thing. Despite humour having played a part and worked extremely well to levy the tone in their Dark Knight trilogy, the studio only ever seems to focus on the downbeat and moody tone of their most recent Batman movies as the reasons for their success. Naturally, they want to apply the exact same tone to every superhero film they make from now on because Batman that's why. This spells trouble for BvS. The film it's directly a sequel to, Man of Steel, wasn't exactly playing to a laugh track, but that was much to its detriment as we could have done with a few chuckles amongst the casual city-smashing. But for a film containing not one, but at least five (and counting) costumed characters meeting up and beating the snot out of each other and the film treating this with the seriousness of a Shakespearian tragedy is the biggest joke of all.

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