10 Directors Who Should Helm Star Trek 3

Could he be the Wright man for the job?

Apparently there is some ancient Hollywood dictum that a director may only helm one huge science fiction franchise with a frighteningly committed fan base that also has €œStar€ in the title at one time. Or maybe JJ Abrams just simply hasn't got the time to direct both Star Wars: The Force Awakens €“ the long-awaited return of the galaxy far, far away as audiences remember it (ie not like the prequels) €“ and the third in his rebooted, rejuvenated Star Trek movie series. How do you replace Abrams, though, especially when the new Trek movies have some indelibly held his style and influence? Paramount's gut reaction was to drop Robert Orci into the director's chair, the screenwriter who had previously scripted the first two Abrams Star Trek films with former collaborator Alex Kurtzman. Star Trek 3 would've been Orci's directorial debut, an honour which will now go to either his reboot of either The Mummy or Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (not a joke). Orci seemed like a no-brainer on one hand €“ he knew the cast, characters, world intimately €“ but also an outlier €“ the guy's never directed a film before, let alone one on the scale of Star Trek. So that leaves Paramount in the unenviable position of finding a suitable director, with a 2016 release date still pencilled in. Who will be the one to make it so? Here are ten directors who should helm Star Trek 3.


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