10 Directors Who Have Never Made A Good Movie

5. Dominic Sena

Season Of The Witch Filmography: Kalifornia, Gone in 60 Seconds, Swordfish, Whiteout, Season of the Witch The sixty-two year-old Sena started his career directing music videos for Janet Jackson before graduating to movies and he made his debut with the Brad Pitt starring Kalifornia, which is by far the best of his films, though intrinsically flawed and ultimately a failure. Sena often took long breaks between films as he didn't make another feature for seven years. That feature was Gone in 60 Seconds, an appalling Nicholas Cage movie that co-stars Robert Duvall (who looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else in the world), Angelina Jolie, Christopher Ecclestone and Vinnie Jones. It was a thoroughly dull affair with a hilarious plot and Ecclestone's villain was particularly weak. There's nothing that stands out as to why Sena's films are so bad - they just are. They're poorly made with a lack of imagination and innovation and he keeps getting worse. He immediately followed up Gone in 60 Seconds with the pseudo-intellectual box-office bomb Swordfish (also starring Vinnie Jones) before being kept out of work for eight years. There are some films like Con Air that are so bad they are fun and entertaining but Sena's films aspire to be half as good as Simon West's flick as his movies labour about in banality, boring the audience to death in the process. He's not as blatantly bad as some other directors on this list but his entire filmography has very few redeeming features.
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