There are plenty of examples of horror movies with scene after scene of shockingly explicit gore. But what about movies that aren’t all that gory to begin with but have shockingly gross moments anyways? There are plenty of horror films that have at least one really shocking moment in an otherwise pretty non-graphic movie.

Heck, there are even gross moments in movies that aren’t even horror films. Remember back before the PG-13 rated existed? There were a few PG rated movies that got away with some rather shocking moments simply because the ratings board must have felt an R rating was a little too harsh.

I now present to you ten gross out movie moments in otherwise tame films…

10. The Kitchen Scene – Gremlins

gremlins kitchen

Gremlins made quite a mark on moviegoers back in 1984 as this Steve Spielberg executive produced horror/comedy/Christmas movie was marketed as a cuddly family friendly holiday flick. “Hey look kids there are cute critters here that run amok in a small American town!” Cue the screaming and crying once the grotesque gremlins hatch. And then a kindly mother must take matters into her own hands and violently murder the creatures that have taken over her home…

She blends one up in a kitchen mixer making a gooey Gremlin pâté and stuffs another one in the microwave where it proceeds to explode in precisely gory fashion. It’s all pretty disgusting and shocking, but all in the name of holiday entertainment.

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This article was first posted on June 29, 2013