10 Disturbing Truths You Didn't Know About The Movie Industry

5. Paedophilia Cover-Ups

Dan Schneider Rumours persist that sexual predators are a big problem in Hollywood, with show-runners of kids' TV shows in particular exerting their power to exploit their young, underaged stars. One name that constantly pops up is Dan Schneider, the creator of the likes of All That, The Amanda Show and ICarly, who insiders such as Himmmm have suggested has had sexual relations with at least several of the stars of these shows, though again, for legal reasons, it has to be said that this cannot be substantiated. Regardless of naming names, it's easy to see how this preying goes on in the industry; show-runners and other powerful figures in movies do not need to be vetted in the same way that, say, teachers do, and even if they're caught in the act, most agents and managers capable of getting a lawsuit moving are not going to want to, because suing the show-runner or filmmaker will kill the project stone dead. It's an incredibly dark reality of the industry, but a reality nonetheless, if insider reports are to be believed.
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