10 Diverse Films About Pornography

4. Zack And Miri Make A Porno (2008)

zack and miri Zack and Miri are roommates who have known each other for years. Despite the fact that they both have jobs, Zack and Miri have been unable to pay their utility bills for months. Zack is more interested in ice hockey and on the day of their high school reunion, the water gets cut off. Miri flirts like mad with former crush Bobby, and Zack chats with Brandon who tells him he is a gay porn star and also Bobby's lover. When they get back from the reunion, their electric is turned off and Zack tells Miri they should make a porno. Gathering friends around them as their crew, Zack decides the porno should be a parody of Star Wars called Star Whores. Unfortunately, all of their equipment is lost and Zack has to rethink his grand ideas. He comes up with a title - Swallow My C**kuccino set in the coffee shop where he works. The group work in the shop after hours. When it comes to Zack and Miri's turn to have sex in front of the camera, they find themselves having tender thoughts towards each other - the scene is very loving. After the shoot when thy re at home, the water and electricity come on. The crew had pooled their money to give them a month of utilities, A party breaks out at Zack and Miri's. Stacey asks Miri if she can have sex with Zack. Although she has feelings for him, Miri says yes and is heart broken when she sees the pair enter a bedroom. The next evening Zack is shooting a scene between Stacey and another actor Lester. The scene was originally to have been shot with Miri and Lester. Miri turns up and insists on doing the shoot much to the pain of Zack who asks her if she is doing this to deliberately hurt him. The pair argue and Zack admits his love for Miri. She stays mute and Zack runs off, quitting his coffee shop job and disappearing from her life. Three months later Zack is tracked down by a friend who asks him to finish the rest of the movie. Zack comes back and learns Miri never did her sex scene with Lester. Zack goes to Miri and tells her he never slept with Stacey and he professes his undying love for Miri. They live happily ever after. The two leads - Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks - have a lot of chemistry together which makes the film more believable. Kevin Smith has made a very raunchy film and just about missed out on an NC-17 rating. Smith injects a great deal of humour and warmth into his film. Making a porno does not seem seedy in the film - it is funny and its consequences - uniting people in love - are as far away from the real consequences of porno (a 5 minute w**k) as they can be. The ending of the film reveals that Zack and Miri run a business for porno amateurs. This is in keeping with the tone of the film. It quietly praises pornography in a small way.

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