10 Dream Directors Who Would Nail The Next Bond Film

Some of the best directors in Hollywood that would create an incredible Bond outing.


With director Danny Boyle leaving Bond 25, it leaves the film's production in a state of purgatory.

We know that script work has been done and that the producers will still have a vision of what they want for Daniel Craig's penultimate outing, but that won't stop fans of the franchise throwing names into the conversation of who should step into Boyle's shoes.

There are countless directors with the ability to take Bond to new and exciting places, but some directors would bring that little something extra to the position and make the long-running series of films their own.

Established directors with outstanding previous works are available in spades, but there are some dream directors that would undoubtedly do justice to the super spy's legacy, whilst also setting up Craig's final Bond film, and leaving a perfect

10. JJ Abrams

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Abrams is no stranger to jumping in to huge franchises and reinvigorating them for the modern blockbuster audience.

He proved with Star Trek in 2009 his ability to adapt huge, beloved content in to big screen success, as his film spawned 2 further outings for the USS Enterprise's crew.

Also, he famously crafted the story for the current Star Wars trilogy, and took on the director role for The Force Awakens, and will be back behind the camera for Episode IX. However, JJ has more immediately transferable experience away from the world of space bound sci-fi.

After the poorly received Mission: Impossible 2 in 2000, a 6 year hiatus for the spy series was broken with the release of Abrams-directed Mission: Impossible 3. While this film isn't the best in the ever growing series, it did revive it and spawn the further three incredible instalments in the franchise, and JJ himself has gone from strength to strength in the 12 years since.

JJ would bring a tonne of style, intriguing characters, and fast-paced action in to his Bond film, and could work his magic to revive the series after the mediocre Spectre.

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