It’s no secret that Hollywood feels a deep and unparalleled love for these things we call “movie sequels.” Some studios have even admitted the fact outright: “We’re only making sequels from now on,” said one of the largest studios very recently. Now totally unburdened and free from the guilt, these guys are free to do whatever the hell they want – and completely without consequence, ’cause hey, we told you that’s what we’re gonna do.

Fact is, most sequels don’t have a good reason for existing. Movies should feel contained as entities that can stand-up on their own, and yet… Hollywood tapped into this incredibly powerful idea a long, long time ago: “Let’s make more of these! People already like these!” From a money-making perspective, it makes perfect sense, although it’s a horrible notion that only serves to remind us that, yes, movie making is a business.

Still, if Hollywood really has to pump out the sequels, can they at least try to ensure that they’ve got something (anything!) to do with the original movies? Can we continue the story in a fashion that doesn’t seem ham-fisted or entirely unnecessarily? That’s not too much to ask, is it? Yep. In the cases of the 10 movies we’ve assembled here, it was simply a case of making a movie that was vaguely similar or tenuously linked to a hit movie, slapping the title of the original on the poster, and calling it a “sequel”…

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This article was first posted on May 3, 2013