10 Dumbest Ever Horror Movie Protagonists

10. Micah - Paranormal Activity

Blumhouse Productions

Defining Dumb Moment: Not taking being terrorised by a demon seriously.

There’s a few easily abided by rules when it comes to dealing with the demonic entity that’s taken up residence in your home yet the arrogant, moronic Micah from Paranormal Activity manages to wilfully break them all.

After being warned by noted psychic Dr Fredrichs – a man well acquainted with all things demonic – not to communicate with or encourage the demon in any way, shape or form Micah continues filming the weird goings-on in he and Katie’s home. He even goes so far as to try and speak with the entity via a Ouija board. So pretty much the exact opposite of the psychic’s advice then.

Even when the demon ups the ante considerably and starts leaving its cloven hoofprints around the house and physically bites Katie, Micah doesn’t think it might be time to get the hell out of there or at least get a demonologist or Catholic priest round.

So when he inevitably and brutally dies at the hands of his own now demonically possessed girlfriend, you have to admit the idiot kind of had it coming.


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