10 Embarrassing Spelling Mistakes You Won't Believe Made It Into Movies

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 11.06.59 Great movies often go hand in hand with great attention to detail - think about the worlds lovingly crafted in classics like Blade Runner and Metropolis: they suck you in with their dedication to every frame, and - in the cases of the aforementioned flicks - both Ridley Scott and Fritz Lang assured that each moment was rendered with the utmost respect for the production and the audience alike. That's not to say that all films don't come with continuity errors, of course, because they do. And given that making a movie is such a long and arduous process - and one which relies on the combined efforts of a huge team - mistakes are bound to slip through the cracks: as movie-goers, we kind of expect the odd mistake now and again, and are generally forgiving of such things. Perhaps the worst of all movie mistakes, though, are of the erroneous spelling variety. Join us as we take a look at 10 highly embarrassing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that somehow found their way into a bunch mainstream movies. Who forgot to double check this stuff and who the hell OK'd it for the final cut? More importantly, why has somebody who can't spell been assigned to, um, type?
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