Actors and actresses, in Hollywood, are a dime a dozen. For that very reason, as a performer, its hard to get noticed. Those that do get noticed are usually (although unfortunately not always) possessors of some intrinsic power, some palpable energy that they’re able to deliver on cue in front of a camera. As a profession, it really isn’t usually just something that anyone, with a dream and a bit of luck, can do.

Truly great performers are those that typically give themselves over completely to a role, who can play a lover, a fighter, a drunk, a saint or a sinner, retain an element of their signature style but ultimately vary their performance from role to role. Case in point: Leonardo DiCaprio, who excels as romantic a leading man (Titanic), as an eccentric billionaire (The Aviator) or even as a morally ambiguous South African mercenary (Blood Diamond).

But even actors of this caliber and standard can often mar their career with less than fabulous performances; it’s more than an occasional occurrence, in fact it happens all the time in Hollywood. After all, how can you be on your A-game for every project?

This article aims to route out those performances that were given by usually brilliant actors that were lackluster, ill-conceived or otherwise totally phoned in. So let’s get to it shall we?

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This article was first posted on November 8, 2012