10 Essential Avengers Villains Not Yet Used In The Movies

10. Graviton


Though not as iconic as most of the others on this list, Graviton's power set and past clashes with the Avengers in the comics makes him an intimidating opponent. A scientist gone mad with power—literally and figuratively, Graviton (if you couldn't guess from his name) can control the gravitational field around him on a massive scale, making him one of the more cataclysmic villains on this list.

In the comics, he's faced down The Avengers and The Fantastic Four, and given the Disney-Fox Merger, may do so again onscreen. He's already had an impressive outing in Chris Yost's Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon series, built up to as a man so dangerous he had to be put to sleep for years to prevent his powers from hurting others.

Proving to be a charismatic and intimidating enemy, if his Yost-verse origin story—a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist whose experiment went wrong, who has the powers of a god and a grudge against Nick Fury—is incorporated into the MCU, it would make for a hell of a story.

Especially if, like in the Yost-verse, he was part of a multi-villain prison break where even he, with all his immense power, wasn't the most dangerous villain.

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