10 Exotic Cult Movies From Around The World

Time to broaden your tastes and look beyond Hollywood!

Cult Horror Cult movie fans usually have their favourite sleaze producing nations that they are fond of. I happen to love Italian exploitation cinema - zombies, cannibals, Nasty Nazis, Gialli - these are my biggest thrills in the world of cult movies. Although the Italian exploitation film industry has come to a halt, I still have many Italian sleaze epics to keep me amused for a while. Looking at cult cinema in a global context, beyond the confines of my beloved Italian movies, you will find some rather surprising nations have produced classic cult movies. These efforts tend to be hilarious and very unique to their country of origin. I have included some pretty far out movies from countries as diverse as the Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa. All of them are 'special' in their own way and if you have other exotic cult movies in your collection, please tell me about them below.

10. Snake Dancer (1976 - South Africa)

Snake Dancer The 'true life' story of Glenda Kemp (who plays herself) - a South African woman who was an exotic dancer and frequently incorporated snakes into her routines. The rather soap opera dynamics of the plot force Glenda into making a choice between love or her exotic dancing. There are plenty of scenes of erotic dancing (and yes, they do sometimes feature a snake) for the sleazehounds among you. The 1970s hair dos, clothes and music add to the film's inherent dodginess and will delight fans of 1970s exploiters. I suppose that the most exotic fact about the film is that it is South African - another nation which one would not associate with sexploitation. It is rather tame compared to the exploitation film output of countries like the States or France but it is a novelty item which will be enjoyed by people like me who have no standards when it comes to cinema. There is enough material to satisfy filth junkies.
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