10 Exotic Cult Movies From Around The World

6. The Yellow Teddy Bears (1963 - Britain)

Yellowteddybears Also known charmingly as Gutter Girls, The Yellow Teddy Bears deals with a clique of English school girls who take to wearing little yellow teddy bears to indicate to one another that they have lost their virginity. The leader of the clique - Linda - is afraid she may be pregnant by her pop star wannabe boyfriend 'Kinky'. A lot of the film is devoted to her angst. A nosy teacher at the girls' school figures out the meaning of the teddy bears and tries to help the girls - putting her own career in jeopardy. The Yellow Teddy Bears is essentially an historical relic - a snapshot of British morals and society in a pre swinging sixties context. It must have been controversial upon its release because society back then was very anti sex before marriage and the carrying ons of the school girls would have been against social norms. The film markets itself as being saucy. The only thing saucy about it is Linda's boyfriend's name - Kinky. The film is more in fitting with British kitchen sink dramas as Linda agonises over her dilemma. But the film is still pretty compelling stuff and as I said before, it is an interesting document of a more innocent age. These days half the girls in the school would probably be up the duff.
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