10 Failed Attempts To Sell A Movie With Sex

Sex sells; there is absolutely no getting away from the fact that in every walk of life, a nice pair…

Shaun Munro


Basic Instinct 2

Sex sells; there is absolutely no getting away from the fact that in every walk of life, a nice pair of breasts or a guy’s pert arse is going to sell whatever product they’re attached to, and more than anywhere else – other than porn, perhaps – that is true of movies.

Who isn’t going to enjoy a steamy sex scene in the middle of a movie? Sure, it might be gratuitous and completely pointless to the plot and/or the characters, but hey, it provides a nice break in the other action and gives us a bit of a thrill at the same time.

However, some movies have sold themselves on sex and come up short, as must be embarrassing for the owners of the bodies involved. After all, how much must it suck if you confidently flaunt your body on screen, and the box office tallies tell you, “Yeah, you can keep that.” Granted, it may be all the other elements in the film that wound its box office in actual fact, but it’s none too good for the self-esteem, I expect.

Here are 10 failed attempts to sell a movie with sex…



10. Color of Night

Color of Night

Frankly, I’m kinda surprised this one didn’t work, because while this Bruce Willis-starring erotic thriller isn’t much more than that, it is a superbly executed erotic thriller, in that while the plot is absolutely bonkers – complete with a ludicrous twist guaranteed to invoke laughter – it’s steamier than a kebab shop kitchen on a Friday night. The film consists of little more than a vague murder mystery and numerous scenes of Willis and his fetching co-star, Jane March, rutting in a number of freaking hot trysts. What’s not to like?

Nevertheless, the film made a mere $19.7 million against a sky-high $40 million production budget, making it a certifiable flop. Speculations as to why it flop include Ms. March not being well known at the time, and the queasiness audiences felt at the cross-dressing themes revealed later on. Still, the movie did become one of the most rented in the US in 1995, so it’s not all bad…