It seems to be a popular trait common to film-makers and writers alike that so-called ‘family’ films must be as twisted and as morally baffling as possible. Whether this is born out of a flagrant disregard for the future well-being of the younger generation, or merely out of a rather sick sense of humour, it is not entirely clear.

At times of national crisis you often hear bleatings about violent video games slowly destroying the ever-so soluble minds of our youngsters. But what about the confusion that must come from family-endorsed movie nights displaying underlying moral depravity of the kind that Quentin Tarantino can only dream of? How can we expect anything other than monsters when we bring children up to believe that violent revenge is perfectly fine if the victim is a bit of b**tard?

This is a list of the films the conservative right-wing in America should be getting wound up about. There may be some SPOILERS.

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This article was first posted on July 9, 2013