10 Famous Actors Who Are Skipping Movies In 2019

At least if Aquaman sucks, Jason Momoa can hide for a year...


In this day and age, starring in a movie requires a lot more effort from the actors than simply showing up on set and filming their scenes.

Press tours are lengthy and tiring, often requiring visits to multiple different countries on a hectic schedule; a prominent social media presence is important, allowing both the actor and their movie to gain a ton of new followers and interest; and on the whole, the way in which people are known to obsess over the private lives of celebrities makes being an actor a 24/7 gig.

The net result of all this exposure is that we grow accustomed to seeing these A-listers on our movie screens, whether in a huge blockbuster or a small drama. And that only makes it weird when they go an entire year without releasing a single feature-film.

But this is more common than you probably realised. It's been three years since Leonardo DiCaprio's last starring role - The Revenant - and while we'll finally get to see him in action again next year, 2019 will see a surprising bunch of famous faces skipping movies altogether...


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