10 Famous Actors Who Missed Out On Their Perfect Role

7. Kurt Russell - Solid Snake

Snake Kurt Russell You can take your Christian Bales and your Hugh Jackmans and outright delete their codec frequencies - the only and only man who could have ever played Solid Snake in a movie adaptation was Kurt freakin' Russell. No surprise, really, given that Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima partly based the character on Kurt Russell's similarly named anti-hero character, Snake Plissken, from the John Carpenter movies Escape From New York and Escape From L.A.. And this would have been a role that Russell could have played with his eyes shut until the mid to late '90s - his trademark dead-eyed mannerisms, gravely voice and emotionless dialogue cues marked him as the perfect candidate. If you imagine a 40-year-old Kurt Russell wearing Snake's iconic outfit, things start to get a little exciting. Nowadays, he's way too old, so his involvement in the apparently-still-happening Metal Gear movie must remain mere fantasy.

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