10 Famous American Actors With Awful British Accents

10. Heather Graham - From Hell (2001)

heather graham from hell Let's start at number 10, since there are 10 entries on this list it seems like a grand place to begin proceedings. The 2001 Jack the Ripper jaunt From Hell is responsible for many sleepless nights in my mistreated youth €“ I'd literally just been dragged around the Jack the Ripper tour in Whitechapel, shaking like a recovering drug addict, and then saw the movie. I had the most wonderful parents. The film itself is an atmospheric if flawed offering and a bit of an insult to Alan Moore's dark and intense graphic novel, yet Johnny Depp as usual gives an intriguing and reliable performance which elevates the film somewhat. But those sleepless nights were caused by something extremely unnerving. Something so sinister, so off-putting... yes, Heather Graham's accent. It's meant to be East London Cockney, with all that swagger and confidence, but it really isn't. As a feisty prostitute, the character is living in uncertain and dangerous times, yet the only truly uncertain thing is Graham's choice of inflection as it embraces self-parody. Forget the mystery of just who the heck Jack the Ripper is €“ I want to know the meaning behind Heather Graham's ghastly and over-the-top cocker-ney brogue.

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