10 Famous Movies That Genuinely Deserve Remakes

It is perhaps fair to say that nothing has divided movie-goers more than the very notion of remakes. It seems…

Neil Cochrane



It is perhaps fair to say that nothing has divided movie-goers more than the very notion of remakes. It seems to have become one of the most profitable methods for movie making in Hollywood today. From all out reboots like “The Amazing Spider-Man” to modernised remakes like “Total Recall”, everyone has an opinion on this. While some folks think it’s a travesty bereft of any semblance of originality, others simply think “Sure, why not?”.

There are of course films that we may not have realised were remakes. Either because we had never heard of the original (perhaps due to its age) or that it was so gut-wrenchingly awful that it has been effectively brushed under the carpet of time and erased from the memory of modern cinematic society. Whatever the case may be, if we’ve heard of the original, or seen it, chances are some of us are going to raise hell when the studio decides to remake it.

The remake, however, is not limited to films that had their day on the big screen 40+ years ago, as was the case with “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and “War Of The Worlds”. More recently, film-makers have been taking their inspiration from that colourful era known as the 80’s. A rash of reborn 1980’s cinema has wormed it’s way into modern theatres, dividing opinions and yet somehow, for the most part, making money.

Some of these reworking’s have managed to surprise us (e.g The Karate Kid) whereas others have left us speechless (Conan The Waste Of Space). With that in mind, I thought I’d present you with a list of ten films I believe could actually work as remakes. No doubt the worms will pop right out of the can with this one, but that’s what the comments section is for. Isn’t that why you’re here? Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


10. Short Circuit


We all remember that happy-go-lucky robot with a thirst for knowledge, don’t we? Well rumour has it he may be set to reappear some time in the not so distant future, and I don’t think that would be too bad of an idea. First appearing on our screens in 1986, “Number 5” made quite an impression on us as a living sentient robotic dude with razor sharp wit, tonnes of fancy little gadgets and a pacifist child-like philosophy that only diminished when faced with a major threat. He had two main ambitions in life, to make friends and to learn. What greater role-model could we want for our kids?

I’ll admit, part of me believes as many of you do that the Short Circuit films belong in the ‘classics’ category, never to be interfered with. However, a bigger part of me is crying out for more “5” and a second sequel seems remarkably unlikely unless you want to risk bringing back Steve Guttenberg. I would imagine that a great many parents would welcome the return of this all-time family favourite so he certainly gets my vote. Hope to see you soon 5!