10 Fascinating Facts About Disney's Pinocchio

Think this film is dark? Try reading the book.


When reading Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures Of Pinocchio, you wouldn’t have thought a book with cricket murder, foxes hanging puppets by the neck, fairies in purgatory or donkeys getting skinned for drums would make a suitable children’s film. But Walt Disney is the master of adaptations, and managed to create one of the best and most endearing features in his library.

Images and lessons from Pinocchio remain in the consciousness of millions who have seen it: don’t lie or your nose will grow, goodness is rewarded, don’t be an ass, etc. Its music is timeless, its technical achievements are far beyond what any animated studio had attempted in the years before or even since, and even today is considered one of the best animated film of all time.

With World War 2 on the horizon for America, Disney had a hard time bringing Pinocchio to the masses. It would take many years for the company to reach out to Europe with the Nazi regime growing and battles raging throughout the continent. But for America, Pinocchio was the film families needed for a temporary escape from the coming storm that would soon hit their shores.

Following the success of Snow White, Walt Disney was eager to see Pinocchio follow the same path. But with the unrest in the world, would it do so? Here’s things you might not have known about Disney’s second animated classic.


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