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(This article is full of spoilers, and I don’t just mean that the entire list consists of women (oops, spoiler alert). Seriously, though, be warned that every lady in this list comes with a dose of plot summary. If you’re fearsome of spoilers, just take our word for it instead that you may consider these women fearsome as well.)

Ever heard of women described as the “fairer sex”? It seems there was some miscommunication; what you actually heard is “fear our sex.” Movies tend to silence and objectify women, but with the raw power each of the following ten female characters in movies wield, it will be them doing the silencing. From classic films to this summer’s features, female characters are proving that their power over men is not purely sexual. The portrayal of strong, even fearsome women has the potential to extend from comedies all the way to spaghetti westerns.

Perhaps they are even considered fearsome purely because of this ideally leveling power in some instances. Women as a whole are not to be messed with, but when you consider the following ten examples of female characters in the movies, you may find that they have shocking, intimidating reasons unique to each woman as to why one should watch out for her.

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This article was first posted on July 8, 2013