10 Fiendishly Clever Secrets Hidden In Famous Movie Posters

5. Halloween (1978)

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The original Halloween movie is still the best in the franchise, even after 39 years and nine more entries.

It's a testament to the film's raw power and scare-factor that it's still creepy, suspenseful and hard-to-watch, even today.

Its iconic poster is equally scary, and succinctly captures the minimalistic feel of the film's slasher premise. But despite its simple design, it's still got room for a stealthily-hidden image, that, like Michael Myers himself, is lurking creepily in the darkness.

The hidden image can be seen on the knife-wielding hand featured prominently on the poster. The bulbous veins, when combined with certain light and dark patches, come together to form a screaming face.

Still don't see it? We'll try our best to explain. Ignore the thumb, and look at the four main knuckles. The very top knuckle is the eye, the second knuckle down is the nose, and the gap in-between the pinky and ring-finger knuckles is the mouth.

Have you got it now? It's a genius inclusion, and something you'll never be able to un-see once you spot it.

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