10 Film Endings With Disturbing Implications You Totally Missed

Not-so-happily ever after.


Happy endings, of the safe-for-work variety, usually only happen in the movies, which is one of the reasons why cinemas are such effective havens of escapism.

When the credits roll, that's that. Everything is tied up in a neat little package and there's no Monday morning on the horizon threatening to jeopardise the protagonist's new-found inner peace.

Conclusions like this have us leaving the theatre all warm and fuzzy, but there are times when filmmakers have tricked us into feeling this way - those instances where the happily ever after wasn't all it seemed.

From tragic subtexts, to the long-term consequences most viewers just didn't pick up on at the time, Hollywood pulls these stunts all the time, leaving fans thinking that some films aren't so different from real life after all, once the penny has dropped.

Of course, all films are open to interpretation and the glass-half-full crowd will no doubt choose to see only the surface positives every time, but take a closer look at the notes this bunch ended on and you'll realise the sunshine and rainbows were laced with underlying darkness.


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