10 Film Franchises That Are Officially In Jeopardy

Big trouble in little Hollywood.

Warner Bros.

In a world where one dodgy sequel is enough to topple some of the biggest names in Hollywood, is it any wonder so many film franchises are surrounded by uncertainty?

In movie terms, today's empire is tomorrow's ashes and there are many reasons why a franchise might fall from grace, not enough backsides on cinema seats being one.

Other franchises are killed off by rotten reviews, licensing disputes, creative differences among the cast and crew or long stints in development hell, some falling prey to these issues earlier in their lifecycle than others.

Rewind to the 1980s and slasher horror was at the top of its game, but many of the biggest series in this sub-genre are almost non-existent right now, murdered by a combination of the above as well as shifting audience tastes.

A bunch of masked psychopaths won't be the last cinematic icons to lose their footing in Hollywood - where mistakes are repeated and profitable ideas milked within an inch of their lives - because this bunch have found themselves in troubled waters too.


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