10 Films DC Should Make Instead Of A Joker/Harley Rom-Com

Seriously, there are so many better options.

Warner Bros.

As part of DC Entertainment's plans for the future of their movie slate, one of their plans is the somewhat icky idea of a Joker and Harley Quinn romantic comedy movie.

Directed by Crazy, Stupid Love's Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, and being described internally as 'a criminal love story' and 'When Harry Met Sally on Benzedrine', the film would star Suicide Squad's Margot Robbie as squeaky baseball bat-wielding Harley Quinn, and unfortunately Jared Leto as the be-grilled juggalo Joker.

Now, given the nature of the pair's relationship, which was really pushed in Suicide Squad as in some way romantic, even though it involved Joker electro-shocking Harley and throwing her in an acid bath, this idea feels somewhat...problematic. Sure, the final cut of the film sanitised their dynamic (which had been set to be a lot more abusive and "challenging"), but it was still controversial, and the idea of a film focusing more on it is a little odd, to say the least.

Why the studio even think it's necessary remains to be seen, but they clearly recognise the brand power of Robbie's Quinn.

However, DC are not short of hot intellectual properties that they could really push that would make for far better options to pursue than this.

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