10 First-Look Images From Upcoming Movies

Fresh glimpses of Joker, Star Wars and even Chucky's murderous new look!

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Although 2018 is winding down into its final months, the film industry is gearing up for its most frantic release window yet.

It's hard to image that there's anything yet to come after a year boasting more giant movies than seemingly ever before, but with Oscar season coming sooner than usual and a streak of end-of-year blockbusters vying to dethrone Infinity War as the biggest success of the past 12 months (good luck), your favourite movie might still be yet to hit theatres.

Fortunately, the first glimpses of these tantalising projects are finally starting to trickle in, showing off fresh looks at reinvented iconic characters as well as actor transformations you won't believe. Throw in a couple trailers, and these are the films you'll be structuring your social life around in the coming weeks and even into 2019...

11. Honorable Mention: The Mandalorian


Okay so it's technically not an "upcoming movie", but the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show is undoubtedly a big deal. Announced a little while ago, Jon Favreau's series has just dropped its official synopsis and slate of episode directors (including Taiki Waititi), alongside the first image of the titular gunslinger in action.

Set three years after Return of the Jedi, in the time before the rise of The First Order, the Disney streaming service exclusive is set to chronicle a lone gunfighter operating in a role similar to Jango and Boba Fett (a connection made immediately apparent by the armour). It sounds promising, and the first image has already captured the sci-fi western feel of the project perfectly.

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