10 First-Look Images From Upcoming Movies

These are the films ready to fill an Avengers-sized hole in your heart.

Pennywise Clown
Warner Bros

The post-Endgame cinematic landscape feels like a bit of a wasteland now the biggest film of the year has been and gone. With that movie garnering so much hype and absolutely smashing box-office records (at the time of writing it's already the second-biggest film of all time), the rest of 2019 can't help but feel like nothing more than a footnote on a year that's already peaked.

Of course, cinema hasn't just ended alongside the first saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (though it might feel like it), and if anything, 2019 is only just gearing up. Detective Pikachu is right around the corner, Spider-Man: Far From Home is following right after, and then there's still huge, non-blockbuster big hitters to come like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and John Wick 3.

Even better, there's a whole host of surprises in store for movie fans yet to be properly unveiled as well. With Cannes about to showcase a whole load of cinematic darlings and SXSW just gone, studios are starting to trickle out exclusive first looks at the flicks set to define the rest of 2019 and 2020.

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