This Christmas, cinephiles everywhere await the unwrapping of their most eagerly anticipated present: Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Django Unchained. After his last revisionist masterpiece, Inglourious Basterds, the 49 year-old auteur decided to go after yet another genre ripe for re-exploration and deconstruction: the western. From all the promotional material we’ve been given so far, it looks like the world is about to receive another classic to add to Quentin’s practically unflappable canon.

But, what should be next for the fanboy-turned-creative genius? What other cinema tropes and trappings can he mix together in his melting pot of bloody brilliance? We present to you a list of ten genres Quentin Tarantino should attempt to tackle after he’s done giving us the spaghetti western we didn’t know we needed. As one of the director’s muses once famously quipped, “Hold onto your butts.”


10. The “Fairy Tale/Fantasy” Movie

It seems that Hollywood has decided to go back to some of our earliest stories for recent inspiration. You’ve got Snow White and the Huntsman, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, and Disney’s Oz: The Great and Powerful just to name a few. Plus, you’ve got television fare such as Once Upon A Time and Grimm pulling in good ratings as well. Fantasy is a hot item on the menu and no one could give us a truly original tale like Mr. Tarantino.

Drawing inspiration from something like Bill Willingham’s brilliant graphic novel series Fables (in which characters from classic folklore and fairy tales live in modern day New York City) would probably be the most likely take on the material Quentin would attempt. But, who knows? Maybe we’d get something closer to 2006′s underrated Running Scared, which at first glance you wouldn’t see as a fairy tale, until the end credits roll and the entire movie is put under a whole different light.

No matter what, Tarantino’s sensibilities seem like they’d have a fun time playing with ideas like The Big Bad Wolf and witches who eat children. Maybe Disney will let him remake Snow White as cocaine-addicted hooker? Probably not.

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This article was first posted on November 1, 2012