10 Great 2013 Movies You Should Regret Missing


We all enjoy watching movies, but let€™s face it, it€™s impossible for you and even me to watch everything from 2013. The result is that you are probably missing out on some fantastic movies that you would probably enjoy. I am speaking from experience too as again; even I have a consistently growing backlog of films to watch.

Keep in mind too; we€™re only talking about 2013! At 52 films seen (my wallet is crying) I have seen some movies that just did not get much attention or were passed over in favor of something else. Maybe they were just a victim of poor release timing. Maybe some people noticed who the Director was and just wouldn't give it a chance. Whatever the circumstance, it€™s time to rectify this.

Listed below are 10 films that I greatly enjoyed and I hope I can spread awareness towards them. Some are Independent films you may not be aware of and others will be a case of unfortunately being glanced over. I€™m sure by the end of 2013 I will have a list of around 30 with a backlog of around 20 to see but what the heck, I€™ll burn that bridge when I come to it....


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