10 Great DC Characters That Should Get A Solo Movie (But Won’t)

10. Jesse Custer

DC Comics

Preacher is a groundbreaking comic created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, following the adventures of a priest named Jesse Custer – who is possessed by a powerful demon – while he tries to track down God. It was violent, witty and loaded with great characters, and for years a number of studios tried to adapt it. Everyone from Sam Mendes to Kevin Smith tried to mount a film version, but the epic scope and controversial material saw it trapped in development hell.

A TV series finally debuted in 2016 that featured a great cast, but it lacked the spark that made the comic so cool. The first season kind of acted like an extended prequel, which would have been the perfect setup for a movie to follow. Sadly it seems a Preacher movie will never happen now, partly because the series has stolen its thunder, and because years of failed attempts have scared studios away.

The ideal outcome would be the series running for a few series and then a movie would wrap things up, but since the series isn’t exactly a ratings juggernaut this isn’t likely.


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