10 Great Modern Horror Movies That Were Made For Next To Nothing

6. Murderdrome (2013)

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Proudly proclaimed 'the world's first roller derby slasher movie,' this Australian production from writer-director Daniel Armstrong was made for $6,000 AUS. This doesn't in any way keep it from being a loud, colourful, high-energy comedy horror on wheels.

Hinging on the suitably absurd device of a cursed pendant which invokes the mass-murdering demon Mama Skate, who returns to Earth in search of derby girl blood, Murderdrome cannily carved an almost-guaranteed niche audience thanks to its merging of 80s-style horror with the world of roller derby. The result is as much fun for derby fans as it is for slasher aficionados, thanks to its endearing ensemble, rockin' soundtrack, and fun kills.

Armstrong has subsequently released another horror/sports crossover in zombies vs wrestlers movie From Parts Unknown: Fight Like A Girl (although this was actually shot before Murderdrome), and is currently at work on his third feature, Sheborg Massacre.

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