10 Great Movies It’s Cool To Hate

We get it – it’s hip to hate the mainstream, right?

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You know the drill: a movie is released, lavished with praise from critics and mere mortal moviegoers alike and rakes in a tonne at the box office. It might even nab an Oscar or two or at least a spot on a few Best Films of (insert year here) lists. In short, the general consensus is that we have just witnessed a great piece of cinema.

Soon enough though the tide starts to turn and out of the woodwork crawl the cynics to tear the movie down. Admit it: the inner hipster that lurks inside all of us has done it. A film becomes wildly popular or exalted as the best thing ever and the very mention of its name triggers a hearty eye roll from us.

But just because a film is well-liked and – dare we say – a mainstream success it doesn’t mean it’s not a great film too. Yet there are a tonne of movies out there – truly great movies too – that get a lot of unnecessary hate.

And something needs to be done about that...

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