10 Greatest "Die Hard On A...." Movies

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

Die Hard In The White House Olympus Has Fallen

There are extremely few movies that can claim to have had the same impact on the action movie genre as John McTiernan's 1988 classic, Die Hard. It laid out a fresh action movie blueprint and sure enough following its incredible success, a whole raft of pretenders trailed in John McClane's blood-soaked wake.

The reason for the ongoing popularity of the "Die Hard" premise is both its effectiveness and its incredible simplicity. Take a team of bad guys, ideally with a charismatic leader, and have them take over a set location. Throw in a lone hero trying to save the day, usually he's there purely by chance, and watch as he proceeds to take out the baddies and rescue the hostages.

Add in some pyrotechnics, a couple of wisecracks and a crawl through some sort of ventilation system and you're golden. Some movies are purely copycat Die Hard clones, while others merely borrow certain key aspects, but to some degree, action movies have been following the Die Hard formula ever since its release, with wildly varying box office success.

Here are ten of the finest examples of movies that owe Die Hard a huge debt of gratitude.

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