10 Greatest Ever Minimalist Movie Posters

Psycho Poster 2

There's an art to making movie posters (duh), and though movie studios rarely appear to realise it, sometimes we prefer a little subtlety and minimalism when a film's being marketed to us. Of course, studios don't want to risk their investment being misconstrued by way of "arty-farty nonsense", and so they most-often opt for about as unimaginative and blandly in-your-face as you can get. That's why, then, I was most taken with the new poster rolled out this morning by Warner Bros. for their upcoming 3D space flick Gravity. The below poster is a brilliant example of minimalist movie marketing; it tells us everything we need to know about the premise (an astronaut stranded in space), and makes it clear that this is going to be a pretty damn terrifying movie: Gravity Poster While studios are often too timid to bank their marketing campaign on such work, it tends to rest in the hands of freelance artists, both amateur and freelance, to come up with their own minimalist designs, ones which will often reflect the cultural and iconographic representation of the film (such as envisioning its most famous scene) once it has been released. Click "Next" to see the first of 10 stunning minimalist movie posters...

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