10 Greatest Ever Tom Cruise Running Scenes

He feels the need. The need for speed.


'Running in movies since 1981'.

Even Tom Cruise's social media bios are in on it. Now long past being an ongoing joke, running is now as much an expected part of the star's big-screen output as performing a death-defying stunt. Audiences have now been conditioned to expect at least one scene in each one of his movies where Cruise does his signature run, all upwards-pointing arms and bolt-upright posture, and some people get upset when it doesn't happen.

Basically, Tom Cruise is to 'running really fast, often for no reason' what Nicolas Cage is to 'losing his sh*t and acting crazy, often for no reason'.

As you would expect from somebody who has been gracing our screens for the last 37 years, Tom Cruise has done a lot of running on the big screen. In fact, recent news articles actually proved that his movies perform better at the the more he runs.

Now it has been proven as an indisputable fact of science that the Tom Cruise Run equals success, expect the action star to keep sprinting across multiplex screens for as long as humanly possible.

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