10 Greatest Stoner Movies Ever

Happy 4/20!

The Big Lebowski
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Happy 4/20! Indeed, it's that annual holiday put aside for a celebration of everything related to marijuana, and what better way to celebrate the legally restricted herb (depending on where you're from, anyway) than by watching some classic stoner movies?

One of the more niche cinematic genres out there, the stoner film can nevertheless be enjoyed just as much by those who have never - and never intend to - partake in some of the green because the basic idea of most of these films is an extremely appealing one that's ripe for comedy; heightened reality, and the love of sitting around doing nothing. Laughing your ass off, most of the time.

The genre has also inspired some of the most memorable performances in Hollywood history: Brad Pitt's stoner in True Romance, Bill & Ted (allegedly) and the Dude himself. There's just something about its mellowing buzz that lends itself to memorable performances, clearly. But which are the best to enjoy on this day of days?

So sit back, relax, smoke 'em if you got 'em and soak in one of these 10 fantastic stoner movies...

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