10 Harrowing Movies You Can’t Watch Twice

Cinematic ordeals you'll never want to relive.

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Rewatchablity is always a great thing for a movie to have, as it usually means they're full of feel-good thrills, jokes that never get old and characters you never get sick of. Yet, films with no rewatch value aren't necessarily a lost cause.

Sure, there are movies with dour writing and uninspired performances that you'd never want to sit through again, but then, on the other hand, there are films which move you to tears the first time around, right before you vow never to sit through it again.

Some movies bowl you over with their sheer brilliance, but gut-punch you at the same time, hitting the viewer with depressing, shocking and downright galling twists and turns along the way, not to mention nightmarish imagery.

Films of this nature stick in your mind for the wrong reasons as much as the right, and the most effective ones leave mental scars, almost as if the events which befell the hapless characters on screen happened to the viewers themselves.

From terrifying horror to psychological thrillers that leave your mind battered and bruised, these are the harrowing films you'll never want to see more than once.


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