10 Harsh Truths We Don’t Want To Admit About Awesome Movies

We all have our favourite movies, and often end up loving a movie to the point that we don’t care…

Shaun Munro


The Shawshank Redemption

We all have our favourite movies, and often end up loving a movie to the point that we don’t care about the flaws. Sometimes, we’ll be so infatuated with a movie, in fact, that we’ll flat-out deny those flaws even exist, or worse still, defend them because of it.

Nevertheless, as these projects prove, no movie is perfect, and each is subject to at least one fatal flaw that prevents it from truly being the objectively greatest film of all time. Fantastically crafted though they are, here are 10 harsh truths about these awesome movies that we just don’t want to admit…



10. The Dark Knight Wouldn’t Be As Popular If Heath Ledger Was Still Alive

The Dark Knight

Not to be crass, but I highly doubt that The Dark Knight would have endured quite as much as it has were it not for the untimely death of Heath Ledger several months prior to its release. While Warner Bros. did the respectful thing and geared their advertising away from Ledger so as not to seem like they were cashing in on a corpse, the intrigue and hype that built around Ledger’s final, complete performance certainly drew in audiences (Ledger fans etc) who otherwise wouldn’t touch comic book movies with a barge pole.

It’s a classic declaration that Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix probably wouldn’t be so popular if they hadn’t died so young, and though Ledger unquestionably deserved the posthumous Oscar he won for The Dark Knight, I can’t imagine that he would have received it had he lived. Similarly, whether critics want to admit it or not, I imagine they were caught up in the sentiment of such a talented man dying so young, causing them to lavish more praise upon him than any regular, living actor.

The film also turned in huge box office grosses, though in defense of it being amazing in its own right, The Dark Knight Rises managed to gross even more than that off its back, so the morbid Ledger appeal wasn’t that pronounced (or perhaps it simply made people realise how awesome these movies are…)