10 High-Profile 2019 Movies You Should Be Worried About

Is it too early to be concerned?


This year's blockbuster season may be reaching the final stretch, but the recent San Diego Comic-Con has shed some light on what the future holds for big-budget filmmaking in 2019.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters arguably stole the show with a stunning trailer that instantly rocketed it to the top of many people's must-see lists, while the debut footage from M. Night Shyamalan's Glass lived up to the hype, promising that the Unbreakable/Split mash-up will be a cerebral superhero movie like no other.

Next year's slate of studio tent-poles looks as stacked as ever, bringing more Marvel Cinematic Universe adventures, Fast and Furious spin-offs, John Wick: Parabellum, the Men in Black sequel/spin-off/reboot, the twenty-fifth James Bond movie and so much more.

Admittedly, it is often fairly easy to predict which projects will turn out to be the biggest hits (hint: they're usually sequels and comic book movies, or comic book movie sequels), yet the 2019 release calendar also has its fair share of question marks.

Every year there are countless productions that are either beset by delays, hampered by behind-the-scenes issues or just have you thinking to yourself; 'why the hell are they making that?' Unfortunately, not every movie gets to be a good one, and there are plenty currently in development that should be cause for concern.

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