10 Hilarious Movie Posters (With One Letter Changed)

Is it just us or does The Lord Of The Bings really have to be made immediately.


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When it comes to writing, getting one letter wrong in any given word isn’t that big a deal – you simply go back and erase it and all is good: you’ll never think about the mistake again. Unless, of course, your little error somehow resulted in a whole other world coming to life when you mistakenly wrote “The Lord of the Bings” instead of the The Lord of the Rings. For most human beings with better things to do (whatever), such an occasions will be of no concern at all: Bings? What the hell is a Bing? But for the pop cultural-addled, such a typo is perfectly noteworthy.

So where is all this mindless ranting about Bings headed, exactly? Okay, so there’s this pretty awesome meme doing the online rounds nowadays by which movie fans switch out one letter from famous movie titles and replace it with another, in turn inspiring us to imagine just what the resulting movie might have been about. Call it “childish” or “a massive waste of time,” but whatever you do, don’t call it “not hilarious,” because it so is. To celebrate erroneous letters everywhere, then, allow us to bring you some of the best results from around the web…

Please Note: Credit for these, uh, “creations,” goes to the associated artists who conjured up all the hilarity – we’re merely showcasing our favourites, and did not create any of the images.