10 Hilarious Movies Nobody Expected To Laugh At

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The world of film is a marvellous place. Studios can create spectacles beyond our wildest dreams and draw a range of emotions from audiences through a mix of cutting-edge technology, masterful acting and stories that stand the test of time.

Movies can invoke fear, have us roar with laughter, make us punch the air with glee and tear our hearts out, all in the space of a couple of hours. Filmmaking is a form of art like no other and its biggest names are geniuses of their generations.

However, what happens when movies attract the unintended? When those scenes which should make us cheer, scream or cry instead leave us laughing hysterically at the execution? Are these films just poorly made, or are they in fact even cleverer than we simple, vanilla audiences could comprehend?

These are ten hilarious movies that nobody expected to laugh at.


10. Orphan (2009)

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Orphan is a 2009 horror movie starring Isabelle Fuhrman as a creepy little girl named Esther, who is adopted by a young couple after the loss of their baby.

Like with most horror movies, eventually the strange occurrences begin to ramp up. The audience is led to believe Esther is evil and she begins to cause harm and even attempt to murder members of her adoptive family.

This may sound like the synopsis of any number of B-List horror movies, but then it happens, the big reveal. In the final third of the movie, the family discovers- spoiler alert- that Esther is actually a THIRTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD WOMAN. Why? That’s anyone’s guess.

How did she escape from an asylum in which she was kept in a straitjacket? How did she make the journey to America from Estonia, where she previously resided? Why did she decide when she got to the US to pretend to be a child and submit herself for adoption? How many years did she remain the same age in the orphanage?

Well, if any of these questions were close to being answered, Orphan may not have made this list.


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