10 Hilarious Movies That Were Supposed to be Serious

4. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Maybe there's a right way to make a good adaptation of sci-fi author / religion founder L. Ron Hubbard's thousand-page tome about aliens ruling over a savage human population in the year 3000. But John Travolta's pet passion project sure wasn't made that way. Travolta devours all the scenery in sight, while extremely ill-advised dutch angles abound throughout this goofy epic. Silliness compounds upon silliness as Barry Pepper and his band of illiterates somehow learn how to operate thousand-year-old Harrier jets (still in perfect working order!), inspired to rebel against Travolta's alien race by a still-intact copy of the Constitution. It's... just... so... bad. http://youtu.be/I8z7-DIa1As
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