10 Horrific Movie Scenes We Wish We Could Unsee

Many bad and horrible scenes are filmed each and every single year. Some reach high levels and infamy – some…




Many bad and horrible scenes are filmed each and every single year. Some reach high levels and infamy – some even get attacked by the Daily Mail – but very few in history go on to become so reviled they’re remembered forever.

You may wish to unsee a scene in a film for many reasons. It could be disgusting and feature some horrid kind of body mutilation. It could show sexual acts in a way you wish you’d never seen. It could be cruel, prolonged and nightmarish. Or it could just be a scene so bad you wish it wiped from your memory forever.

Filmmakers will always try to be edgy and push the boundaries of what they can get away with, but sometimes, it is of great cost to decency, and their attempts to shock or appall you. Scenes you wish to forget, as evident from this list, will feature content that includes graphic sex and violence, and that for some people, nothing is too raunchy or bloody…


10. Crucifix – The Exorcist

William Friedkin’s horror masterpiece is a landmark of the genre and one of the greatest movies of all time. Much of its power comes from its ability to shock and awe decades later. The film leaves you feeling distressed amd worn out – but in a good way. It features many shocking scenes that haunt your nightmares but none more so than the infamous crucifix scene. It’s a scene you don’t talk about with your mates as the content of the scene is impossible to describe and you realise just how absurd it is.

The scene, as you probably know, features a possessed young girl violently masturbating with a crucifix. It’s one of the most unsettling scenes in cinema, heightened even more so by the blood on her dress. Friedkin has always had a knack for shocking his audience and never more so than in this scene. It’s sadly unforgettable and has a habit of suddenly appearing in your mind at odd times, haunting and scarring you in the process. The scene is full of dynamic and vivid images, and each and every one of them you pray to forget.