10 Horror Remakes That Are Better Than The Original

HOW DARE YOU REMAKE THESE CLASSIC FILMS!?... Ah wait. These are actually awesome.

Fresh, original ideas in Hollywood have become as elusive as popular Adam Sandler films in recent years. Soulless cash-ins are far too prevalent in cinemas today, often revisiting stories that don't need to be expanded upon or even missing the point of the original film completely. Every week, it feels like movie fans hear the dreaded news that one of their favorite films is being remade. Cue the groaning. "How could they tamper with such a classic?", "It'll never be as good as the original.", "They'll never be as good as blah blah..." Admittedly, these reactions are entirely justified 99.9% of the time, but every now and again, a remake comes along that's not only good, but actually manages to somehow surpass the original. Classic horror films tend to be remade more than most, so fans of the genre have to wade through more garbage to find remakes worth watching, but they definitely do exist. Need some help? We thought you'd never ask. Join us this Halloween as we select 10 horror remakes which are actually better than the original. Whether these movies add something different to the story or simply execute the scares better, each is worth watching in their own right. Fanatics may wish to watch the remakes directly after the original movies to check if they agree with us, but for those of you who are too busy carving pumpkins and frantically searching for the scariest/sluttiest Halloween costume, you're better off just trusting us on this one.

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