10 Horror Remakes You Had No Idea Were In The Works

Creeping towards a cinema near you.


Some love them, many loath them, while others fear them, but the horror remake isn't going anywhere. Hollywood has an obsession with repackaging old classics, and in this particular genre, they've always been frighteningly prevalent.

Reimagined horror doesn't always turn out so bad. Tom Savini's 1990 version of Night of the Living Dead had some cool updated special effects, and David Cronenberg's The Fly is one of the greatest remakes you will ever see.

That said, many of these horror remakes end up about as pretty as Seth Brundle at the end of his transformation, and in the very worst cases, murder their franchise.

Nightmare on Elm Street fans are unlikely to see another instalment for a while following 2010's botched reboot, and 2009's Friday the 13th is the only thing that's ever managed to stop Jason Voorhees in his tracks.

There are tentative plans to bring both of these slasher classics back to cinema, which you've probably read about already, but dozens of other horrors from the past are creeping back to the big screen, under cover of darkness...

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