10 Huge Implications Of The Jungle Book's Box Office Success

9. Even More Live-Action Disney

Alice Through The Looking Glass Johnny Depp

Remember when you already thought that there were probably too many live-action Disney remakes in the works? Beauty and the Beast, Dumbo, Mulan...

Yeah, well, there are about to be a whole lot more of these things, guys, because The Jungle Book has given the studio all the go-ahead they need to confirm that, yes, people will head out to see these things in their droves.

The Jungle Book isn't the first live-action Disney "remake," of course; Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland was a colossal hit, and last year's Cinderella opened to great reviews and made $542 million at the box office, both of which proved that there's a market for these live-action reinterpretations and that audiences will pay money to see their favourite Disney films remade because it's impossible to fight against the nostalgia.

The Jungle Book is set to make a whole lot more than what Cinderella did on account of its gender neutral positioning, however, and will no doubt inspire the studio to put even more live-action products into development... alongside the current fifteen.


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