10 Huge Sequels That Were Announced (And Then Just Disappeared)

From the possible to the improbable to the extremely ambitious…

Riley Gorenflo


Paramount Home Entertainment
Paramount Home Entertainment

It’s no secret that movie sequels have been a source of tension in the entertainment industry; one has only to look as far as the Star Wars franchise to see the damaging effects a sequel can have on the original content, not to mention the coexistence of the fans. If there’s anything we learned from The Phantom Menace, it’s that bringing characters back for a second, third, or even fourth go-round can be a touchy subject. Ultimately it all comes down to a cautious optimism and sense of trust harbored by fans that takes a special kind of magic not to betray. Some sequels are able to capture that magic, a prime example being Spider-Man 2, but movies like Spider-Man 3 can leave franchises in a state of disrepair.

Unfortunately, most sequels are made not for the enhancement of the original, but to snag over eager moviegoers – and their hard-earned dollar – by giving them what they want; a chance to see their favorite characters grace the screens once more. Admittedly, some sequels execute this concept extremely well, and have managed to become classics in their own right; the Back to the Future trilogy, Indiana Jones installments (sans Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), and Nolan’s Batman Trilogy, to name a few.

But there’s a third breed of sequel that has us breathing a sigh of relief while simultaneously wondering if we’ve been robbed of a cinematic masterpiece. Over the years a number of sequels have been officially announced or considered, and yet were left by the wayside, offering nothing more than inspiration for your next piece of fanfiction.

Here is a list of 10 sequels that were announced and just disappeared…