10 Hyped 2017 Movies That Will Definitely Disappoint You

Prepare to get burned.

Warner Bros.

We're all guilty of jumping aboard the hype train for awesome-looking movies that end up ranging from disappointing to straight-up garbage.

The age of viral movie marketing has only made the PR bubble that much more aggressive, yet audiences continue to fall for the same old parlour tricks again and again, paying their hard-earned money for movies that just don't deserve it.

These 10 movies are among the year's most anticipated, talked-about and controversial, ones that any film lover should be counting on to succeed, even if more logical thought will shed some healthy skepticism over each production.

Perhaps most of these films will scoop over 70% on Rotten Tomatoes and print money at the box office, but from what we've seen and heard so far, it seems much more likely that fans are setting themselves up to be massively let down.

Here are 10 hyped 2017 movies that will definitely disappoint you...


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